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    Need Kobe Bryant Game Used And/Or Auto!!!

    if any 1 has game used or auto kobes i will be willing to trade alot for them~!!

    Got Basketball and baseball...want to trade lotsz of it!
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  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    do you have a scan of this:
    Derrek Lee 2006 Topps Finest auto

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    if u kno how please just let me kno

    at least i can tell you its the 2006 Topps Finest "Finest Autographs" Derrek Lee of the Chicago Cubs FA-DL

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    Where you post a reply click GO ADVANCED and then click Managae Attatchments then a pop-up window will appear and then you click browse for the file and then click upload ..

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    heelsfan4life78 heres the scan of the derrek lee...sorry that its a little blurry

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