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Thread: looking to sell everything

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    looking to sell everything

    Just as the title says,im looking to get rid of everthing i own!The hobby has gotten way to compative and prices of packs has gotten outragous.If you wana pull something decent now days,you have to pay at least $10 a pack! Everthing on my site is FOR SALE ONLY! I have a ton of rcs but nothing from this yrs RC class.Mainly from last yrs rc class down so lmk who your looking for.I also have a ton of inserts not listed either...Please only ask for a list if you are serious about buying as i broke my hand it it will be very timely for me to get list of certainly rcs you are looking for.LMK if i have anything u like or looking for and thanks in advance!!

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    There are three cards I am interested in. They are as follows:

    1992 Classic Alonzo Mourning Auto
    2003-04 Topps Finest Chris Bosh Refractor Auto
    2003 Ultimate Collection Yao Ming Auto (I am only interested in this if it is his rookie)

    If possible could you e-mail the amount you would like for each and a a scan or photo of each. My e-mail is below.


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    How much for these:

    05 UD trilogy Ben gordon-cutting edge-jesery/white
    Bv is 10 so lmk how much you want

    05 UD hardcourt Steve Nash-Hardcourt Materials-Jersey/Purple Bv is 8.

    I'd just like to ask how did you get this card Bv is 150.Nice card wish I had it.
    05 Reflections -Chris Paul-RC Autograph/blue version #erd 50/50 !!!!

    Also wanted to know if you have any rookie cards of the players in my sig you don't have to make me a list just want to know if you think you have any.

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    04 upper deck joe dimaggio-magical performances-gu bat
    03 UD Superstars-City Stars-Alex Rodriguez/Emmitt Smith/Mike Modano-Legendary Leaders-triple Jersey-Grey/White/gold&white #erd 66/250
    1 topps chrome emmitt smith-king of kings-jersey-2 COLOR PATCH!! #erd 50/150
    03 bowman jose reyes-future games autograph/ 5 COLOR BASE!!!!! PART OF THE ALL STAR LOGO ON BAS

    How much for these lmk thanks

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    Interested in:
    02 Fleer Premium Court Colection Alonzo Mourning-Warm-Up-w/stiching
    92 classic alonzo mourning-rc autograph #erd 1482/1992 htg

    PM me pls.

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    phatboi-ima give ldonovan first shot at the auto as he asked bout it..but feel free to pm me an offer on bout in case he elects not to take it

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    How much for these:
    05 Reflections derek fisher-autograph
    04 playoff contenders marcus tubbs-rookie ticket auto-black ink
    04 playoff contenders will smith-rookie ticket auto-black ink
    04 UD sweet spot jeff smoker rc/auto/helment-gold version #erd 57/100
    04 leaf certified materials triandos luke rc autograph #197 #erd 817/1000
    04 playoff hog heaven michael jenkins-rookie hoggs-ball/auto-silver auto #erd 5/150
    04 National pastime-adam evertt-sign of the future-blue autographed-stamped 1/1!!!!!!
    03 topps eric hinske-autograph
    98 UD retro Paul Konerko-autograph
    99 sp authentic sean casey sp chriography
    99 Skybox Carlos Beltran-autograph #erd 12/50
    02 Press Pass Tony Stewart-Hot Threads-Race Used Tires #erd 1966/2300

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