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Thread: looking to sell everything

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    looking to sell everything

    Just as the title says,im looking to get rid of everthing i own!The hobby has gotten way to compative and prices of packs has gotten outragous.If you wana pull something decent now days,you have to pay at least $10 a pack! Everthing on my site is FOR SALE ONLY! I have a ton of rcs but nothing from this yrs RC class.Mainly from last yrs rc class down so lmk who your looking for.I also have a ton of inserts not listed either...Please only ask for a list if you are serious about buying as i broke my hand it it will be very timely for me to get list of certainly rcs you are looking for.LMK if i have anything u like or looking for and thanks in advance!!

  2. Kronozio
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    Can I get a price on your Bonnie Blair Auto?


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    Interested in these two:

    98 UD retro Paul Konerko-autograph
    02 Leaf Joe Crede-Clube House signature-autograp #erd67/200

    and if you are parting with your PC, I would be interested in the Chipper Jones 4 color patch

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    how much for these individual and as a lot lmk thanks


    98 playoff momentum john elway-jersey-blue

    04 upper deck joe dimaggio-magical performances-gu bat

    04 playoff absolute nolan ryan-tools of the trade- GU pants and jersey-#erd 40/250

    03 bowman jose reyes-future games autograph/ 5 COLOR BASE!!!!! PART OF THE ALL STAR LOGO ON BASE

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    I may be interested in more. I'm just trying to get a feel for your prices.


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    aekdb535 -please pm me an offer...for the chipper as well...

    kaz-please do the same

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    OGLESBYC -the reyes my older brother has as he will be puttin it on ebay,not on there yet so if your intrested in it please make a seriuos offers as his stuff is really hot!
    98 playoff momentum john elway-jersey-blue(was just sold with the other 2 elway jerseys i have..someone paypaled me $80 on scs)

    04 upper deck joe dimaggio-magical performances-gu bat(this is not gu,i thought it was but its not)

    04 playoff absolute nolan ryan-tools of the trade- GU pants and jersey-#erd 40/250(just make me an offer)

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    andrade i like the nolan ryan but not sure what to offer dont want to low ball offer just pm me a price and we can go from there and also lmk when your brother puts the reyes on ebay thaks


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    02 Pacific Michael Vick-GU Jersey/Black
    02 Fleer Authentics Jerry Rice-Stadium Classics-GU/2 color Jersey/seat #erd56/100(Gold Version)

    How much

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