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    04 SPX Steven Jackson Auto/Jsy RC FT

    I haven't done a deal on SCF in a while, and would like to change it. I'll check websites, look at posted lists, whatever. Not really looking for anything in particular. Just wanting to at least make a move here.

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    Would absolutley love to have it.........ill give it a shot so check my page and hopefully you like something. Will trade in your favor heavy

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    dillon, only thing I could use is the Fasano PPL auto, but there wasn't anything else, sorry.

    dewitt, did not see anything I could use either, sorry.

    flemingtime, there was a couple things I saw, however, they are worth more than the Steve-O, but would you be open to a cash/trade deal from me?

    kobe, did not see anything, sorry.

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    I am interested in the Jackson. Check my bucket and let me know if you see anything that interest you, the link is in my profile.

    Thanks, Ryan

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    whats the BV on the Jackson? Is it close to the Rivers?

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