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Thread: NEW!- Two very nice new cards!

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    NEW!- Two very nice new cards!

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    replied to you about the AFL Jersey....the Young auto was traded...heres my baseball gu/autos:

    JOSE VIDRO 05 Studio Private Signings Platinum Autograph #ED/10 NO BV---looking $40-50 in trade
    MICHAEL YOUNG 05 Prime Patches AU/BAT/JSY/JSY #ED/50 BV$30---incoming
    JERMAINE DYE 05 Donruss Prime Patches Auto BV$15--incoming
    VICTOR MARTINEZ 03 Topps Auto BV$15 ---incoming
    DERREK LEE 06 Topps Finest Auto BV$25---incoming
    REGGIE ABERCROMBIE 06 Topps Chrome RC Auto #ED/500 NO BV---incoming
    DON SUTTON 05 Playoff Absolute Spectrum Auto #ED/100 BV$15
    NIC UNGS 04 Bowmans Best RC Autograph BV$10
    ALFREDO SIMON 04 Playoff Honors RC Auto #ED/1000 BV$8
    EDWIN MORENO 04 Leaf Certified Materials RC Auto BV$8
    BLAINE NEIL 02 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Absolutely INK Auto BV$10


    NOLAN RYAN 99 UD Ultimate Victory Fame Used Bat BV$40
    ALFONSO SORIANO 03 Topps 205 Jersey w/stripe BV$8
    MIGUEL CABRERA 05 Diamond Kings Dual Jersey/Bat #ED/50 BV$15
    RYNE SANDBERG 04 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks Bat #ED/100 BV$20
    JIM THOME 03 Leaf Limited Threads Jersey(w/ stripe) #ED/50 BV$20
    TONY GWYNN 01 Donruss Class of 2001 Dominators Bat #ED/500 BV$15
    JASON GIAMBI 06 Ultra Fine Fabrics Jersey(w/stripe) BV$8
    JOSH BECKETT 05 Donruss Champions Impressions Bat BV$8
    HIDEO NOMO 05 Donruss Diamond Kings Dual Jersey/Bat #ED/100 BV$15

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    hey, i like that ryan card. any way we can trade for it?

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    no duals or triples, but if you check my tradesite, you might see something you're intersted in. BTW, your mussina/sturtze cards were shipped out this morning.

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