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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I can use these cards for sets if you are selling and take paypal:

    99-00 Bowman auto S. Marion
    00-01 Stadium Club Beam Team K. Garnett
    01-02 UD Sweet Shot D. Mason auto
    01-02 Topps Chrome - Shawn Marion auto, Tracy McGrady Mad Game refractor, Shawn Marion Lacing Up GU, K. Haston RC ref.(#?)
    02-03 Topps Stadium Club Shawn Marion auto
    03-04 Topps Chrome - gold ref/99 - A. Miller, B. Miller, Bonus Coverage GU ref.S. Marion
    03-04 Topps Contemporary Triple GU
    04-05 Topps Chrome - all refractors, black ref/500 - all, gold ref/99 - all, Kirk Heinrich GU, Shawn Marion GU
    04-05 Bowman Chrome - ref/300 - B. Wallace, gold ref/50 - S. Cassell
    05-06 Topps Chrome gold ref/99 - all
    05-06 Bowman Chrome - ref/300 - N. Robinson RC, gold ref/50 - M. Bibby, E. Brand, A. Kirilenko
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    ive got an idea on the Marbury Patch/Auto since Other Guy Flaked Out

    05-06 Finest Andrew Bogut AU #126 Red-Xfractor $40

    2005-06 Hoops HoopScripts HSDH Dwight Howard SP $30.00

    2005-06 Topps Luxury Box Box Seats Autographs 25 EO Emeka Okafor N/A

    Looking For About $50-$60 In Bv For the Marbury Patch/Auto so lmk if you will do any of these thanks

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    I like your Kobe Rookie Debut jsy. I have these marions I would trade for it
    06 Finest Gold Ref 2/39
    06 Finest red ref/169
    Luxury Box /100

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    Intrested in the wade,lebron and paul gu please check my site.

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    wrafman- sorry some of those are my pc and i dont take paypal

    xxvisionxx- the howard anf meka are gons and i wanna keep the bogut for now, thanks

    7772justin3777- hmm so you would do all 3 of those marions for the kobe gu?

    jeremy- dont see anything i need except fot your pc Paul refractor gu and UD Rookie

    iversonformvp- if theyre all base, rookies, and inserts like before, then no

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    05-06 Topps Finest Finest Fact Allen Iverson Xfractor 48 of 49 $25
    05-06 Topps Finest Chris Paul Finest Fact GU 1300 of 1629 $15
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Threads Kobe Bryant $20
    2005-06 Topps Chrome Hardwood Heroics Refractors Dwyane Wade $20.00

    i will take a loss and will trade for 3-4 of these lmk

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    Need your reggie miller platinum portraits #ed/100 patch. lmk

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