So found these cards/adhesive stamps from the 88/89 Esso All Star Collection set, in a shoebox the other day. All are in mint condition other than a little yellowing on the backs. Lmk of anyone's interested! Here's what I got:
Bobby Orr x3
Luc Robitaille x2
Ron Hextall x4
Johnny Bower x2
Lanny McDonald x3
Yvan Cournoyer
Serge Savard x2
Guy Lapointe
Jean Beliveau x2
Mats Naslund x2
Steve Shutt x3
Clark Gillies x2
Bryan Trottier x3
Denis Potvin
Jari Kurri x4
Michel Goulet
Lorne "Gump" Worsley
Larry Robinson x4
Ken Dryden
Billy Smith x3
Denis Savard
Bobby Hull x2
Guy Lafleur x2
Mario Lemieux
Brad Park x3
Norm Ullman
Mike Bossy x3
Mark Howe
Bobby Clarke
Ray Bourque x2
Phil Esposito x3