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    Looking for a nice patch card for 10 dollars lmk

    Looking for a gu patch card i can buy for 10 dollars lmk what you have thanks a bunch

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    I have:

    2005 MLB Artifacts Sean Casey /50(3 color)

    and what about our trade? I havent gottent he zito gu jsy and soriano.....I want my kaline bat back if no cards.....

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    sent today cubs, finally found a few things that could fit those cards, ha, should be there soon hmmm, i dont know about casey do you have a pic

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    I can add some things in like a couple braves/astros #ed cards....for the 10

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    I could give you a Vlad patch 3 color, numbered to 100. Its 2002 donruss classics lmk.

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    2005 Fleer Patchworks Bobby Abreu 3 Color Patch BV $30


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    Ben,check my site. I'm in the process of moving and will only have my cards until this me

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    No I don't, Its a 2002 Donruss Classics "New Millenium Classics" Vlad Guerrero patch /100 though and i'm sure you could find some cards by doing a search that are of the same set.

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