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    Red face Complete Sets FT/FS 2005/06 UD Lebron/Jordan/Topps 1952 Style


    Topps 1952 Style BV 80$ (all RC's included!)
    UD Lebron James Insert Set LJ1-LJ45 BV 40$
    UD Michael Jordan Insert Set MJ1-MJ45 BV 60$
    Also have two Michael Jordan/Lebron Inserts: LJMJ2/LJMJ4 BV 8$

    The Lebron/Jordan Inserts came in a 4 card pack that was inserted into the top of 2005/06 UD boxes.

    Entertaining trades for Chris Paul/Wade/Lebron/Mourning

    Also willing to take paypal offers PLMK if your interested maybe we can work something out.

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