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Thread: whose buying bulk base lots??

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    whose buying bulk base lots??

    lmk which team ur lookin for and wut u would pay.

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    Cavs, maybe- I'd pay around $4 per hundred (no LeBrons included) current roster in Cleveland uni ONLY- LMK...

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    just sanders ill get back to u, jesse any1 else u lookin for i only have about 4 nash cards/ lmk

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    I have a huge buy list of players. I don't pay as much as if you would sell them 10-20 at a time, but I would buy all you had that were on my buy list and followed the few specs that I have. If interested let me know.

    Plus, you'd just need counts per player and not a list of each cards.

    The link in my sig goes to a list.


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    not sure if that is at me or da bulls.

    my buy prices are in the link in my sig.

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