Well here is what I have. This list isn't too long so I posted it here. If you are interested in anything else like FB or Basketball please check out my trade page.

IF you have less than 10 Feedback I will ask that you send first. If you are not ok with that don't respond to my post.

I would rather sell these but trading is cool too I have a want list a the bottom of the post.

Hope you find something you need!

MY Tradelist:
Listed by Team:

Anaheim Angels:

Casey Kotchman (auto/grey jersey) 04 SPX Swatch Supremacy SPECTRUM SN# 12/25 #SS-CK

Casey Kotchman (auto) 05 UD Pros & Prospects Signs of Stardom #CK

Rod Carew (grey) 01 Fleer Material Issue NNO

Arizona Diamondbacks:

Troy Glaus (grey) 05 Skybox Autographics Jerseygraphics #JG-TRG

Atlanta Braves:

Chipper Jones (grey) / Greg Maddux (grey) / David Justice (white) 05 Throwbacks and Threads Dynasty SN# 33/50 # D-5

Dale Murphy (baby blue) 04 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game SN# 023/100 #FG-20

Andruw Jones (bat) 03 Topps Gallery Gallery Originals #GO-AJ

Baltimore Orioles:

Brandon Snyder (auto) 05 Topps Rookie Cup Orange Auto SN# 235/299 #157

Boston Red Sox:

Manny Ramirez (bat/grey jersey) 05 Absolute Tools of the Trade SN# 032/150 #TT-81

Manny Ramirez (bat) 03 Topps Gallery Gallery Originals #GO-MR

Jim Rice (grey) 01 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time NNO

Carlton Fisk (red) 05 Fleer Classic Clippings Cut of History #CH-CF

Wade Boggs (white) 02 US Sweet Spot Classics #J-WB

Fred Lynn (white) 06 Fleer Greats of the Game Boston Greats #LNYB

Chicago Cubs:

Bobby Brownlie (auto) 04 Bowman Chrome First Year Auto #348

Matt Creighton (auto) 04 Bowman Chrome First Year Auto #340

Sammy Sosa (bat) 04 Fleer Genuine Article Insider (bat) SN# 082/100 #GI-SS

Sammy Sosa (gold-all star BP jersey) 04 Playoff Prestige Players Collection #PC-83

Derek Lee (white w/stripe) 06 UD Artifacts NL Artifacts SN# 122/325 #NL-DL

Cleveland Indians:

Victor Martinez (red - Chest Protector / grey Jersey) 05 Playoff Absolute Tools of the Trade SN# 072/150 #TT-68

Jhonny Peralta (blue) 06 UD Artifacts MLB Apparel SN# 271/325 #MLB-JP

Ryan Ludwick (auto) 04 UD Pro Sigs Signature Collection #230

Colorado Rockies:

Clint Barmes (auto) 06 Topps Co-Signers Solo Sigs #SS-CB

Chaz Roe (auto) 05 Topps Chrome Update REFRACTOR SN# 014/500 #UH237

Detroit Tigers:

Wilfredo Ledezma (auto) 04 UD Pro Sigs #238

Florida Marlins:

Josh Beckett (auto on ball) 04 UD Sweet Spot Signatures #SS-BE (HTG like all my Sweet Spots)

Dan Uggla (auto) 06 Topps Chrome Rookie Refractor Card SN# 399/500 #354

Mark Kotsay (auto) 05 Topps Rookie Cup #RC-MK

Houston Astros:

Jeff Bagwell (grey) 04 Skybox LE Jersey SN# 067/299 #25

Don Sutton (white) 05 Sweet Spot Classic Classic Materials #CM-DS1

Matt Albers (auto) 05 Bowman's Best Auto SN# 941/974 #132

Los Angeles Dodgers:

Maury Wills (auto) 05 Diamond Kings auto SN# 30/50 (his jersey #) #290

Kevin Brown (ball) 03 UD Piece of the Action GOLD SN# 47/50 #PA-KB

Chin-Feng Chen (white) 03 Topps Traded and Rookies Future Phenoms #FP-CC

Minnesota Twins:

Lew Ford (auto) 06 Topps Allen & Ginter framed auto #AGA-LF **PENDING**

New York Mets:

Mike Piazza (white) 04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Sweet Stitched SN# 034/125 #ST-MP

Mike Piazza (white) / Al Leiter (black) 05 Playoff Absolute Team Tandems SN# 064/125 #TT-23

New York Yankees:

Javier Vazquez (auto) 04 UD Sweet Spot Signatures #SS-JV

Billy Martin (grey) 05 Throwback Threads Throwback Collection SN# 225/250 #TC-1

Hideki Matsui (white w/stripe) 03 UD Honor Roll Dean's List #DL-HM1

Oakland A's:

Frank Thomas (bat) 06 Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Materials #AGR-FT

Pittsburgh Pirates:

Jason Bay (auto) 05 Sweet Spot Sweet Signature Auto SN# 132/135 (slight chipping on bottom-will provide pic before trading)

Philadelphia Phillies:

Mike Schmidt (bat/white jersey) 05 Absolute Tools of the Trade SN# 127/150 #TT-42

San Diego Padres:

Cesar Carrillo (auto) 05 Topps Chrome Update #UH224

Seattle Mariners:

Gaylord Perry (white) 05 Throwback Threads Throwback Collection SN#247/250 #TC-37

St. Louis Cardinals:

Mark Mulder (bat) 05 Throwback Threads Parrallel SN# 32/35 #169

Jeff Suppan (auto) 05 UD Pro Sigs #SS-JS

Tampa Bay Devil Rays:

Wade Townsend (auto) 05 Topps Rookie Cup Yellow SN# 013/199 #158

Toronto Blue Jays:

Carlos Delgado (white) 04 Leaf Players Collection SN# 18/25 #PC-15

Carlos Delgado (bat) 04 Fleer Genuine Article Insider SN# 034/100 #GI-CD

Vernon Wells (grey) 05 Fleer Patchworks Property of Jersey NNO

Here is what I am looking for:
Please check and make sure the card has no surface creases where the memorabilia has been put in. I do consider that to be a defect and will not be happy with them in a trade.

Always looking for:

CUBS -- older players Game Used like Ryno and Dawson

Zach Duke RCs Autos and Gued (even some inserts)

Jason Jennings Autos (only a few)

Scott Posednik autos/patches

L. Tomlinson (especially rookies and even Press Pass ones!)

Hank Baskett

Mike Bell

Jay Cutler

Reggie Bush

Vince Young

2005 Sweet Spot Classics Baseball Autos

David Carr Autos/Patches/GU

Dunta Robinson Autos/Patches

Andre Johnson Autos/Patches/GU

John Elway

Classic Broncos Players

2004 Topps Fan Favorites Autos--especially want the 3 Amigos Autos (Vance Johnson, Ricky Nattiel, and Mark Jackson).

Terrell Davis

Ed McCaffery

Jake Plummer (Broncos only)

Rod Smith

Brett Favre

Shaun Alexander

Roy Williams RC (Dallas)

Joe Horn (autos/patches)

Danny Granger (UNM jersey only)

LeBron James (who isn't right?)

Hakeem Olajuwon

ANY New Mexico State player in his NMSU jersey

ANY New Mexico Player in his UNM jersey

Steve Yzerman

Other Classic Redwings Players

Detroit Redwings

Houston Aeros GU or Autos

Classic Player GU or Autos just let me know who you have! (i.e. Gordie Howe, Nolan Ryan, Walter Payton, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Dr. J)

I really only collect Game Used and Autos, and maybe rookies of Major players from those teams.

NOT looking for inserts that are not GU or Autos!

Thanks for looking!