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    Exclamation OLD CARD COLLECTION For Sale - CHEAP - $350

    For Sale: 3 Boxes of Cards
    Baseball, Football, Basketball
    Most are from the '90s. Approx. 500-800 are pre-1990.
    They are in great condition. Most are MINT.
    This is my collection, my dad gave me a lot of them when I started to collect. This collection has NEVER BEEN TOUCHED!! (Except for a couple Mark McGuires which I misplaced)
    There are TONS of cards here, I'm sure you will get your money's worth several times over... I'm sure this is a steal and I'm going to get ripped off greatly...
    I don't have pics at this point in time. If you can get to Exeter NH then you can look through them before you buy them.
    I'm willing to ship for $30. All of them will go for $350/bo .. If you have any questions or offers please email me!
    Thanks - Ed

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    sry to say,but from what you have described,your cards are not worth $350 or many mnay times over as u state

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    yeah not to burst your bubble but the baseball cards from mid 80's to early 90's are probobly worth 5 dollars

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