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    AJ Hawk Score Select Scorecard rookie /100 FT/FS

    I know their are some people who could use this nice looking card. LMK if you need it. Ill trade for people in my sig/avator or sell for 5 dlvd

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    If you dont get any good offers by tommrow afternoon give me the weekend.. Im sure I could come up with a nice lot to make you happy on a trade for Jag RC's :).. Just LMK what you think Ill check back tommrow


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    Jay- The only person on the jags I collect is David Garrard..maybe you meant to say eagles?

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    i'm interested. not sure i have anything you want, but feel free to check my site.

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    I did I did mean the Eagles LOL.. I will be brining a box of stuff down today durring my fantasy draft and Ill see what I can find for you.


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    How about this
    Todd Helton 05 absolute bat/jersey 158/250

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    5 bucks delivered? if you take paypal, ill buy it
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    Jay- Dont know if you would get pist but i like sk1222's offer. LMK if you would hate me forvever if I take it

    Sk1222- Let me just here back from Jay as he was first interstead in it

    Palantri- I dont have paypal sorry

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