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Thread: $40 to spend

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    $40 to spend

    looking for the best card i can get... preferably cedric benson.. but looking for anything that catches my eye plmk thanks

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    like your chad johnson patch autos, caddy auto incoming, earl campbell auto, and montana auto/jersey

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    Well I can do one of the Patch Auto's for $50 DLVD.LMK if you can put in $10 more dollar's in?? LMK or I can sell you 2 Chad Auto not the patch's for $40 DLVD.LMK

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    just interested in the patch autos... only have $40 thanks though

    kobe i didnt see anything sorry

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    I will get back to you when I get home in a little while. You are paying with Paypal rite?LMK

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    let me know never heard back from you on the payton rookie. have a threads cedic benson jersey its part of the reg set /55

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    i like the payton but its to expensive for me... i am gettin $75 tomorrow too but i was thinking of buying a box of absolute? im not sure yet.. but what can you do best for the benson?

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