I bought 1 box and 3 packs of this product, when it came out, and let's say it was Rangers Heavy. The pack I missed had a low run Corey Seager in it, or else it would have been a true two boxes. Wish I had gotten my hands on that pack. I have some base still but a lot of it went into my pc and I don't feel like listing the little amount that didn't. All cards are available for trade as I don't collect any of these fellows.

Primary Pieces Quad

Josh Hamilton 14/25 4 bat pieces, very boring in my opinion
Prince Fielder 27/75 2 white, 2 gray pieces

Meaningful Material

Maikel Franco 18/35 nice 3 color patch.

Momentous Materials

Elvis Andrus 3/5 super nice big patch

Signature Swatches (Auto Relic)

Shelby Miller 225/225 Dual Relic
Andrew Miller 169/179 Triple Relic

Archival Autographs

Jason Heyward 5/5 Red variation

My base yielded a lot of pc cards so I have that as a win. Like I mentioned earlier wish I had got the one pack I missed.