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Thread: Nolan Ryan Gu Ft!

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    Nolan Ryan Gu Ft!

    I have a 2005 Fleer classic clippings cut of history Nolan Ryan gu astros jersey card ft! LMK

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i want that. look at my list and make me an offer i can't refuse!

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    Hey Ryan! Didnt see anything at the moment but boy you got a lot more gu then i saw last time. Ill consider some of your gu cards if I dont get anymore offers! Im addressing your envelope now for the reds a&g!

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    hey thanks man!! yeah, i've been trading and buying like crazy to boost my GU collection. i'm reallyhappy. can't wait to get my reds a&g cards! thanks for the consideration!

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    ryan - you have a lebron gu for trade? If you do im interested!

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    no, the only lebron card i have is a 2004 UD Fabulous Freshman RC. Bought in mint condition and has been encased since I bought it. Really nice card. Has him in his high school stuff.

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    dont really want to do it for the rookie cards or pedros gu and carew gu right now. Thanks for looking yoni..if you get new gu or autos lmk!

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