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Thread: need HOF GU/Auto!

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    need HOF GU/Auto!

    i need any HOF GU you have!depending on what you have i could dig into my pc for it(ill notify you if i could maybe trade something from it).just list waht you have and ill lyk what i need.

    also i am not buying.


  2. Kronozio
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    ok hes not one of my favs but what do you need for it?also what set and year is it?

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    2005 fleer classic clippings cut of history astros jersey gu.. one of my better gu so I would need something nice for it

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    i probably wouldnt give up something too nice for it since hes not one of my favs but what would you be looking for from my bucket?

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    i amy get back to you if no one else wants it because im tryin to get something really nice for it. Ill keep you updated

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    hey plmouth this was one of NICKADEMUS POSTS ON ANOTHER Thread! Everything you want hof gu and autos and casey kotchman lol!

    have these:
    Casey Kotchman (auto/grey jersey) 04 SPX Swatch Supremacy SPECTRUM SN# 12/25 #SS-CK

    Casey Kotchman (auto) 05 UD Pros & Prospects Signs of Stardom #CK

    Rod Carew (grey) 01 Fleer Material Issue NNO

    I am interested in these:
    2000 ud legends Andre Dawson*
    2003 topps finest Ernie Banks*
    2004 topps originals Rick Sutcliffe #/82 If it is a Cubs jersey-Still might be interested if it isn't)

    I know a couple of those you might not want to get rid of but I thought I would ask anyway.
    Few things I am looking for: Jay Cutler, Reggie Bush, Vince Young, current Broncos and

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    yea i saw that post and i contavted him about the kotchmans.

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