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Thread: help me out..

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    what prices are you paying for these cards? i don't want to overbid on them if i decide to do this.
    thanks (tom hess)

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    well my major wants of those is the zenith auto, the tag, and the exquisite... are you trying to get all of them for me?
    I have about $115 right now

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    i may, but i would need the amounts you would pay me for them before i bid on them. if you say you will pay 25.00 and i get it for 15.00, i still want the 25.00 let me know how you would like to proceed.

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    depending on what you get... for example... if the exquisite goes for $25 (which it wont lol) id probably pay up to 8-10 more then what you got for it.. (shipping included)

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    make a list of the cards and send me a pm of what you are paying for each. sounds like we can make this happen.

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    well like i said... i dont want to over pay... and i wouldnt want to find out that it would go over what i said i would pay for.... so im not sure... like i said.. i think i have enough to get at least 3 of those cards.. but there not close to ending yet

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    let me know what you would like me to do.

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    just hoping to get the cards... so.. bids..

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