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Thread: Buying!!!!!

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    Arrow Buying!!!!!

    I am looking to buy some of the following cards in lots:

    1. Cheap autos/GU
    2. Cheap rcs
    4. Large lots of single players
    5. Sets

    LMK what you have.

    Every thing must be in great condition.
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    I have like 30 autos for sale for $1 each

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    So, you could sell me all your cards under "Autos for Trade" for $30? LMK

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittykatlynn
    they are on my site
    all all ur autos for sale for a dollar if so id take some?

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    I'll sell you all of these GU for $25.50:
    05/06 Reflections Fabrics Andre Miller
    05/06 Reflections Fabrics Baron Davis
    03/04 Mystique Awe Pairs Dual GU #/350 Jalen Rose/Eddy Curry
    04/05 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Kerry Kittles
    04/05 Ultra Scoring Kings GU Zac Randolph
    02/03 UD Finite Elements Dual GU Hedo Turkulo/Mike Bibby
    04/05 SP Authentic Fabrics Rookies Lionel Chambers
    05/06 UD Rookie Review GU Andre Emmit
    04/05 UD Hardcout GU Shrif Adual Rahim
    04/05 UD All-Star Lineup All-Star GU Paul Pierce
    and I'll throw in these two AUTOs:
    04/05 SP Signature Edition Signatures Andre Emmet
    05/06 UD Reflections Signatures Red #/100 Ronald "flip" Murray


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    I don't collect basketball, but I would be willing to sell this entire lot ($200 plus in BV) for $50 delivered.

    2000-01 SP AUTHENTIC COMPLETE HC set, 90 cards, 1-90

    2002-03 Upper Deck All-Star Authentics RAY ALLEN Warm up jersey card, #RA-AW,

    2000-01 SP Game Floor Edition KHALID EL-AMIN Floor card, #KE,

    2005-06 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Gold DEVEAN GEORGE Jersey card, #erd/100, #AF-DE,

    2004-05 Sage Peoria Central High School RED SHAUN LIVINGSTON Jersey card, #erd/99, JR10,

    2002-03 Fleer Box Score Dish and Swish KENYON MARTIN Shorts card, #DSM12,

    2000-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-Ups DARIUS MILES Jersey card, #DM-W,

    2000-01 SP Game Floor Edition ANDRE MILLER Floor card, #AM,

    2002-03 Ultimate Collection Jerseys ANDRE MILLER Jersey card, #erd/250, #AM,

    2004-05 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches NENE Jersey card, # SW-NH,

    2000-01 Stadium Club Game Jerseys SEAN ROOKS Jersey card, #SC-LC11,

    2005-06 Bowman Welcome to the Show Relics WAYNE SIMIEN Jersey card, #WSR-WS,

    2003-04 Topps Rookie Matrix Mini Autographs MICHAEL CURRY G blue autograph w/ #12 written in, #MA-MC,

    1995 Classic Autographs ANTOINE GILLESPIE blue autograph, limited to 3320, #76,

    2004-05 SP Authentic Signatures JAMEER NELSON blue autograph, #SP-JN,

    2002 Press Pass Autographs DAJUAN WAGNER blue autograph, #32

    1992-93 Upper Deck 14 Tom Gugliotta
    1994-95 Flair 137 David Robinson
    1994-95 Flair 168 Shaquille O'Neal
    1994-95 Flair Hot Numbers 15 David Robinson
    1994-95 Flair Scoring Power 10 Dominique Wilkins
    1994-95 Fleer All-Defensive 6 Horace Grant
    1994-95 Ultra Double Trouble 9 Latrell Sprewell
    1998-99 UD Ionix 53 Gary Payton
    1999-00 Upper Deck Hardcourt 12 Dirk Nowitzki
    2000-01 Fleer Mystique 99 Scottie Pippen
    2000-01 Fleer Premium 6 Jason Kidd
    2000-01 Press Pass 6 Darius Miles
    2000-01 SP Authentic 8 Baron Davis
    2000-01 SP Authentic 38 Shaquille O'Neal
    2000-01 SP Authentic 39 Kobe Bryant (2)
    2000-01 SP Authentic 61 Allen Iverson
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ovation 7 Elton Brand
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ovation 21 Reggie Miller
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ovation 44 Scottie Pippen
    2000-01 Upper Deck Ovation Spotlight OS6 Latrell Sprewell

    Thank you.

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