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    Aim- Taj516

    Gary Sheffield /5 -auto
    Jason Giambi-auto
    Tony Womack 1999-00 autographics -auto
    Darryl Strawberry /25 legendary cuts -auto
    Kerry Woods 04-05 patchworks #'d 190-jersey
    Jason Bay Donruss Champion Press plate 1/1
    J.R Durbin patchwork auto works (auto) /49
    Dale Murphy UD Classics gu jersey
    Ryan Dempster Donruss Champion (gu patch)
    Curt Schilling Donruss Studio /15
    Gary Carter " " "
    Mark texiera " " "
    Cliff Floyd Donruss Champion (gu Patch)
    Earl Wynn Donruss Campion (gu Jersey)

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by nt4275
    how much BV are you looking for the bay press plate

    i'm going to have to say about 40 but if you think thats way off i'd love another persons opinion

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