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Thread: Wanted A&G GU.

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    Wanted A&G GU.

    I don't have any GU to trade but have refractors,inserts and set fillers. Need all. Thanks....Dan

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i have some base and a black mini of chris shelton if your interested

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    dmxkorn....Thanks for the reply but just looking for the GU cards. Thanks......Dan

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    yea i must have missed that part when i first read sorry about that

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    hey if u have any blue jays #'d cards i can giv u this 2002 Leaf 'shirt off my back" jersey card of cliff floyd u can pm me or email me at

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    bluejays19....Thanks alot but only looking for 2006 Allen & Ginter GU cards. Thanks again.....Dan

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    if you're looking for some A&G Gu cards, i'd get on ebay. I bought 3 A&G GU today (Johan Santana, Felix Hernandez, Brandon McCarthy) for a total of $11.99

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    rchurchward....Thanks for the info but only looking to trade at this time. Thanks again....Dan

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