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    Rickey Henderson

    ***EDITED to lower tade and sale price!***
    ***I need the money and my darling wife says I need to downsize the collection!***
    eBay ended my auction early, because they claim I violated one of their obscure listing rules, so I am done with them and going to try this here. For trade/sale or combination, 213 DIFFERENT Rickey Henderson cards! You read that right, 213 different cards of the future HOFer. Over 20 different brands repersented. Cards range form 1981-2005 and include inserts, parallels, regional, food issues, traded/updated, and numbered cards. Highlighted cards are 1981 Topps and Fleer, 1983 Topps and Fleer, 1984 Donruss, Topps and Fleer. Those 7 cards alone BV for over $25. Here is the deal, all I am looking for the entire 213 card lot dlvd is $40 in trade, or $20 from existing Paypal funds. Total BV for the entire 213 card lot is well over $150. There is nothing wrong with the cards, overall condition is ExMt-NrMt. This is a perfect lot for starting a player collection. I would like to trade for Rickey Henderson cards that I need, but will look at lists for trade bait. This is not an auction, I just want to move some of my dupes. Check my feedback both here and on the bay. Pics may be available. Thanks guys!
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    Rickey Henderson stats. 1973/7328 = 26.92% 170 GU, 8 Auto
    Sean Casey stats. 1132/2672 = 42.37% 121 GU, 56 AutoHidden Content
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