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    Any Frank Thomas inserts/base out there?

    I've had a pretty good weekend and picked up about 25 or so cards I needed for my Thomas collection and I'm pushing 1300 different. Thought I'd see if could knock out some more. Really looking for inserts or base because they might be a little easier to trade for. Don't have a tremendous amount left to deal, but if it's cheap enough I might buy. LMK what you have and we can go from there. Odds are I will deal in your favor.

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    ive got franks allen and ginter base if you need it. i might have some others, i could take a look
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    Yeah I could use it, lmk if you have anything else

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    2006 Bowman Chrome Frank Thomas Refractor, $2 dlvd, lmk

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    that's pretty cheap, but I'll hold off for now, I'd like to see what I can trade for first.

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    No problem, just got back to me whenever you want, should have it for a lil while

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    Ive got a bunch of Thomas.... do you have any autos ft? I would definetely trade in your favor...

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    Any autos have I have are in my PC, but I might deal one depending on what you have in Thomas...feel free to take a peek.

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    dont have any other frank thomas cards- i almost want to say i traded them to you a few months back
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    odds are probably's almost counter productive to trade for a single base card...thanks for the reply though

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