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Thread: I have $5

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    I have $5

    the person who offers me the biggest lot of rookies and or Inserts will get my $. Anybody interested?
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  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    04 Honors Keith Hernandez /1979
    04 Honors Dave Crouthers RC /1999
    05 Topps U&H Gold Jeff Cirrilo /2005
    05 Donruss Adam Dunn /2005
    05 Donruss Josh Beckett /2005
    04 Leather and Lumber Jason Giambi /2499
    04 Honors Garret Anderson /2500

    All for 5 dlvd....paypal or MO/cash?

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    You could make a lot of these.

    UD Superstar Summit Ken Griffey Jr.
    Fleer Platinum Co-Stars Jeter/Garciaparra
    Fleer Platinum Co-Stars Bagwell/Berkman
    Fleer Platinum Co-Stars Piazza/Pudge
    Fleer Platinum Co-Stars Ensperg/Carlos Pena

    Bazooka Comics Alfonso Soriano
    Victory True Gamers Pedro Martinez
    Fleer Tradition Tale of the Tape Jim Thome
    Fleer Tradition All-Star Vernon Wells

    Fleer Ultra Follow the Leader Jim Thome
    Fleer Ultra Follow the Leader Mike Piazza
    UD Super Slugger Carlos Delgado
    Topps Grudge Match Posada/P. Martinez

    Zenith Spellbound Roger Clemens
    Zenith Mosaics Kent/Bradley/Drew
    Zenith Red Hot Aubrey Huff
    Playoff Prestige Stars of the MLB Mike Mussina CREASES ON TOP

    Finest Blue X-Fractor 2/150
    Finest Blue Refractor Andruw Jones 242/299
    Topps Declaration of Independence Ben Franklin
    Topps Own the Game Michael Young
    Topps 2K All-Stars Alfonso Soriano

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