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Thread: Let's Trade!!

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    Let's Trade!!

    I am looking for some more stuff for my PC. I will consider trading from my PC also (except for any of the 06 stuff), but you better bring something nice for PC stuff. I also have this from06 Absoute.


    Donovan McNabb (Absolute Heroes)- 245/250
    Daunte Culpepper (Spectrum)- 19/25
    Darrell Jackson (Spectrum)- 039/100
    LaMont Jordan (Tools of the Trade)- 10/10
    Eli Manning (Canton Absolutes)- 05/25
    Barry Sanders (Marks of Fame)- 050/250
    Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith, DeShaun Foster (Team Trios)- 182/200


    Cedric Griffin- 413/999
    Bobby Carpenter- 911/999
    Darrell Hackney- 056/999
    Anthony Mix- 784/999
    Bennie Brazell- 944/999
    Rocky McIntosh- 478/999
    Bernard Pollard- 393/999
    Broderick Bunkley- 802/999
    Broderick Bunkley (Spectrum)- 047/100

    Now for the Good Stuff!!:

    Dallas Clark (Spectrum) Auto- 11/50
    Steve Largent (Marks of Fame Material) Auto- 22/50
    Clinton Portis (Marks of Fame Material) Auto- #'d/?? (Redemption)
    P.J. Daniels Rookie Auto- 225/349
    Brian Calhoun (RPM)- 418/849
    DeMetrius Williams (RPM)- 122/849
    Maurice Stovall (RPM)- 084/849
    Maurice Jones Spectrum (RPM)- 08/10 (Big Patch)
    Matt Leinart (War Room) Jersey- 017/100
    Sinorice Moss (War Room) Prime Patch- 06/25 (Very Big Patch!!)
    Marvin Harrison (Canton Absolutes) Jersey- 051/150
    Thomas Jones/Cedric Benson (Team Tandems) Dual 3-Color Patches!!- 16/25
    Eli Manning (Tools of the Trade) Jersey/Pants- 088/100
    Marcus Allen (Tools of the Trade) Helmet/Shoe/Jersey- 45/50
    Chris Brown (Absolute Heroes) Jersey Prime- 17/50
    Chris Chambers (NFL Icons 10-color change) Jersey prime- 18/25

    And the Best......

    Walter Payton (Tools of the Trade) 3-Color Super Patch!!- 3/5!! (Come big if you want this one!!)

    I can send pics of any of these if needed. lmk.

  2. Kronozio
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    i like the payton .check my site and trade list.steve

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    How much for this??
    Sinorice Moss (War Room) Prime Patch- 06/25 (Very Big Patch!!)

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    SH Cards- I like the Favre and Montana auto's, but not for the Payton. Anything else of mine you like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CubFan777
    How much for this??
    Sinorice Moss (War Room) Prime Patch- 06/25 (Very Big Patch!!)
    Not looking to sell, just trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuat_420
    Not looking to sell, just trade.
    Check my list again I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamHollywood
    dallas clark and maurice rpm
    nothing I can use. Do you have any auto/gu? All I saw was regular cards and inserts.

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