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    Lebron Exquiste 04-05. Undervalued?

    Since the rookie year regular issue is $18,000, dont you think the auto/patch and auto/number cards are very underrated? I mean the 03-04 rookie auto patch books only $1400? I dont get it. I just picked up this baby for half book!

    To me, that is a heck of a price on a card that nice! This is why I buy sports out of season. Pujols cards are selling over book right now, wait until Jan. You will get them alot cheaper.

    What do you guys think about my win?


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    Nice deal, looks like top of the A from JAMES.

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    i was actually looking to buy that last night myself! decided i didn't want to spend that much money on a card right now, but i'm glad someone else on here got it!


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    lol i was also watching that, congrats! i think it was an awesome price
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    Thanks guys. Nice to get input. Feel kind of guilty spending that much on a card. But sounds like it was a good price. Thanks! Brian

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    Aye, it's a tad much for most people, but still nice none the less.

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