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    Which Are The Best Basketball Cards Packs To Buy

    Hey, i'm just getting back to collecting bball cards and i was wondering which cards are the best. Like which ones go high in value. And are pretty much the best cards to buy if you wanna be a basketball card collector. Thanks

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    I'd say grab a beckett price guide and look up which sets you are interested in tbh. The best most expensive is UD Exquisite, but who can afford 750$ a pack?

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    depends how high you want to go...
    you could buy a few exquisite boxes, sit on them for a year, then sell them at a much higher price...u won't get any cards this way

    you could buy upper deck but you'll be left with a ton of base's really a hit or miss with them. buy a box of spx and get a no name rc auto/patch or get a cp3.

    you could buy topps and get a lot of decent rc's but hitting the high end stuff is super hard. same with bowman...lots of rc's, good for trading, and if you acquire a lot of rc's with value such as chris paul, the bv can really add up.

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    I'm a fan of buying Donruss, always have had luck with them in any sport. Odds are very reasonable too.

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    Jeezus, what was I thinking. Anyway, I was thinking football. Upper Deck anything for basketball has been my luck.

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