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Thread: Basketball Game Used FT

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    Basketball Game Used FT

    Getting out of Basketball, trading 2X in your favor for cards from my want list at bottom, trading '06 at regular BV. $10 card for me, gets you $20 in trade----$20 card for me, gets you $40 in trade. No Basketball wanted, Except GU or Auto's of "Pistol" Pete Maravich or Larry Bird


    Stacey Augmon
    '06 Topps '52 Style-Hardwood Classics (Jersey)

    Tony Battie
    '06 Topps '52 Style-hardwood Classics (Jersey)

    Chris Bosh
    '05 Fleer Showcase-Playmakers (Jersey)

    Elton Brand
    '05 Topps Chrome-Refined Remnants (Jersey) #90/412
    '05 Skybox E XL-Court Authentics (Jersey) #146/500
    '02-Topps-All Star Remnants

    Zarko Cabarkapa
    '03 UD Honor Roll-#119 RC/Jersey #367/499

    Vince Carter
    '03 Fleer Authentix-Jersey ripped

    Patrick Ewing
    '01 Fleer Focus-ROY Collection Jersey

    Raymond Felton
    '06 Topps Chrome-Chosen One (Jersey) #97/99

    Michael Finley
    '00 Fleer-Feel the Game GU Shorts
    '03 Flair-Hot Numbers Jersey #19/250

    Kevin Garnett
    '03 UD-All Star Weekend Authentics Warm Ups

    Richard Hamilton
    '03 Ultra-Roundball (Jersey)
    '01 Ovaton-Superstar Warm Up

    Kyle Korver (76ers)
    '06 Topps Chrome-Second Unit (Shooting Shirt) #95/400

    Raef LaFrentz
    '02 Stadium Club-Frequent Flyers Jersey #642/700
    02 Topps Xpectations-Future Features Jersey

    Maciej Lampe
    '03 UD Honor Roll-#128 RC/Jersey #316/499

    Shaun Livingston
    '04 Skybox LE-Court Authentics (Jersey)

    Stephon Marbury
    '02 Fleer Hot Shots-En Fuego Jersey
    '02 Ovation-GU Warms Ups
    '02 UD MVP-MVP Materials Shooting Shirt
    '03 UD-All Star Weekend Authentics GU Warm-UP
    '03 Flair-Hot Numbers Jersey
    '04 Skybox LE-Court Authentics (Jersey)

    Shawn Marion
    '01 Ovation-Superstar Warm Up
    '03 Fleer Focus-NBA Shirtified Jersey
    '03 Flair-Hot Numbers (Blue Border) #93/250
    '03 UD Rookie Exclusives-Jersey

    Tracy McGrady
    '03 Ultra-Roundball Jersey
    '02 Fleer Hot Shots-En Fuego Jersey

    Darius Miles
    '02 Flair-Court Kings Warm Ups
    '01 Topps Xpectations-Future Features Shooting Shirt
    '01 Topps Xpectations-Class Challenge Warm Ups

    Dirk Nowitzki
    '04 Flair Final Edition-Hot Numbers (Jersey)
    '05 Skybox LE-Sky's the Limit (Jersey) #36/99
    '05 Topps Chrome-Chrome Town Heroes (Jersey) #421/500
    '05 Fleer Throwbacks-Defining Authentic (Jersey)
    '05 Skybox-Jerseygraphics (Jersey)

    Dirk Nowitzki (Jersey)/Josh Howard
    '05 Flair-Courting Greatness

    Jermaine O'Neal
    '05 Fleer Genuine-Genuine Article (Jersey)
    '04 Fleer Focus-NBA Shirtified (Jersey)
    '05 Fleer Fresh Ink (Jersey)

    Shareef Abdur Rahim
    '00 Black Diamond-A POH (Dual Basketball)
    '06 Topps '52 Style-Hardwood Classics (Jersey)

    Peja Stojakovic
    '03 UD-Shooting Stars Shirt

    Jerry Stackhouse
    '03 UD-Game Jersey Patch
    '03 UD-All Access-Jersey
    '02 UD Generations-Reel Time Jersey

    Mike Sweetney
    '03 Honor Roll-Future Honors Jersey #109/499, #193/499

    Jason Terry
    '01 Fleer Authentix-Jersey
    '01 Fleer Force-True Colors Warm Up Jacket #124/200 two colors

    Luke Walton
    '03 UD Rookie Exclusives-RC Jersey

    Chris Webber
    '04 Skybox LE-Jersey
    '04 Flair Final Edition-Power Game (Jersey) #204/250
    '03 Ultra-Roundball Jersey

    Dual & Triple Jersey cards

    '03,'04 UD Honor Roll Dual Jersey
    Eddy Curry/Tyson Chandler
    Jason Terry/Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    Jamaal Tinsley/Jermaine O'Neal
    Paul Pierce/Antoine Walker
    Andre Miller/Nene'

    '01 UD Ultimate Victory-Ultimate Fabric Combo
    Kenyon Martin/Darius Miles Dual Jersey
    Kenyon Martin/Marcus Fizer Dual jersey

    '03 UD Honor Roll-All NBA Triple Jersey
    Andre Miller/EltonBrand/Michael Olowokandi

    '03, '04 UD Honor Roll Triple Jersey
    Baron Davis/Steve Francis/Stephon Marbury
    Allan Houston/Slavko Vranes/Dikembe Mutombo
    Mike Miller/Paul Gasol/Shane Battier
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim/Jason Terry/Glen Robinson

    '02, '03 Fleer Authentix-Game of the Week
    Stromile Swift/Dikembe Mutombo Dual Jersey
    Kenyon Martin/Lamar Odom Dual Jersey

    '03, '04 Fleer Authentix-Game of the Week
    Dirk Nowitzki/Pau Gasol Dual Jersey

    '03, '04 UD MVP Combo Materials
    Wally Szczerbiak/Terrell Brandon Dual Jersey
    Shawn Marion/Stephon Marbury Dual Jersey

    Looking for Game Used or Auto's of these players:

    BASEBALL-Griffey, McGwire, Ripken, Arod, Piazza, Whitey Ford, Fred Lynn, Duke Snider, Harmon Killebrew, Yogi Berra, Al Kaline, Nellie Fox, Tony Kubrek, Ted Kluszewski, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski

    FOOTBALL-Marino, Emmitt (Cowboys), Manning (Archie, Peyton, Eli), Deuce
    McAllister, Michael Clayton, Bradshaw, Tarkenton, Namath, Bob Griese, Bletnkoff

    Basketball--Pete Maravich, Larry Bird
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  2. Kronozio
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    I like these 2:

    '05 Topps Chrome-Refined Remnants (Jersey) #90/412
    '05 Skybox E XL-Court Authentics (Jersey) #146/500

    I have a Duece Jersey listed on my site

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanham33
    I like these 2:

    '05 Topps Chrome-Refined Remnants (Jersey) #90/412
    '05 Skybox E XL-Court Authentics (Jersey) #146/500

    I have a Duece Jersey listed on my site
    Will trade both of these for:


    PM Sent also

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    i dont know if you are interested in inserts but i have lots of fb inserts of the plasyers you are looking for. lmk. hooker

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    Chris Bosh
    '05 Fleer Showcase-Playmakers (Jersey)

    Patrick Ewing
    '01 Fleer Focus-ROY Collection Jersey

    Interested in these 2, don't collect football. I can buy.

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    i like the miller/nene and the t-mac gus. check my site also have many rcs. lmk

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    I like your Andre Miller Triple Jersey and K-Mart Jersey of the Week. I also like your Dwight Howard jersey. Check out my bucket.


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    ReyOrdonezfor Life---------PM Sent

    T-Mac Rules---------------PM Sent

    Oldsoice 007-------------PM Sent

    Hookerclan---------------Sorry not trading for inserts. Thanks anyway

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