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Thread: anybody need this rc.......

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    anybody need this rc.......

    I have an topps chris bosh rc ft....lmk

  2. Kronozio
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    have some interest in it lmk what you need from me in return thanks

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    I dont know if you wanted do do a gu I would if not maybe a lot of inserts or a rookie- for a lot of inserts i collect these guys- t-mac, dwayne wade, lebron james, paul pierce- rookies pm me with a list..thanks!

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    2003-04 Topps 224 Chris Bosh RC $2.50 $6.00

    Well The Bosh Books $6 a Game Used Would Be Way in Your Favor So That might Not Be a Option As For Inserts Of the Guys you Posted it would take me some time to find them since 2 of the 4 i dont collect and the other 2 book either the same or higher than the bosh itself so i will get back to ya on that thanks

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    ya i know about the gu just some gu book for like $5 just giving options lmk thanks!

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    never really seen a gu that Booked $5 bux Bro the lowest a Gu Books Is $8 Now unless you can throw something else in i might be able to do a Gu for it but Nothing Big On the Gu Tho lmk

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    o alright i saw a reyes gu bat for $5 but do you see any other rookies from my list you like( the list in my sig) or gu or inserts or auto? check my list

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    2004 bowman draft picks and prospects dwight howard rookie registrations gu

    this is the only other thing i saw on your list i liked lmk what we can do from here!

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