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    Question about BGS 10 black label cards

    Hi everyone.

    Is there a way to find out how many BGS 10 cards have the black label for having all perfect sub grades?

    I know that you can see how many BGS 10 cards there are but I would like to see what percentage of those got a perfect score.


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    Hey Tony,

    I believe the only way to see it is if you click on each BGS 10 individually and looks at their subs.

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    I didn't know you could do that.

    I can see how many cards have each overall grade, but I don't think you can see the sub grades without the serial numbers of the cards, correct?

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  4. Check out the Auctions from
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    If you click on the card title, it will show you every single grade and the breakdown of each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ari4l2010 View Post
    If you click on the card title, it will show you every single grade and the breakdown of each.
    I am trying to find out how many true BGS 10 Jaromir Jagr OPC Premier rookie cards there are.

    I did that and I didn't see any of the BGS 10 cards. I saw every card and every grade, except the 10s.

    Can you try and let me know if you see any 10s?

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    Very strange Tony. It lists BGS 10 exist but on the chart, doesn't even show one. Don't know bud but that's how I do it.

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    It's good to know that it isn't just me that can't see any BGS 10 cards on the list.

    I thought I was losing it LOL

    Is there a way to sort the chart by grade?

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    I have a way to do it but it takes a few steps:
    First step:
    do the grading population report as follows:
    Sport - hockey, year - 1990, player - jaromir
    Next step:
    first one listed is 1990-91 opc premier, make a note of how many total of that card have been graded
    as of now the answer is: 3487 and a total of 29 10's
    click on the 1990-91 opc premier link
    Next step:
    this is the url I get now:
    notice at the end how it has 1500, that means it will only display 1500 instances of the card being graded.
    you will need to change that number.
    since there are 3487 total as of now, change 1500 to 3500 and then hit enter to load the new url
    it will now show all 3487 grades for the Jagr card.
    Next step will require Excel or a database program, is great if you don't have one.
    start at first Item ID and copy the entire list all the way to the end and then paste into the excel(or equivalent) sheet.
    Now you have the master list of ALL 3487 grades.
    Next step:
    in your spreadsheet, the 9th column will be the final grade. highlight the entire list of cards and then do a data sort and highest to lowest
    all 29 10's will show at top of list now. you can delete all non 10 listings if you wish.
    you can then do data sorts on each item grades and remove any non 10's
    when done you should end up with only black label ones left

    OR, since I was bored I did all that and there are "ZERO" black label Jagr's

    Hope that helps you and or anyone else


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    Thanks Ryan.

    I will be happy with the 9.5 Jagr I have!

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    I know this is an old thread but they do now have a black label 10 column on the Pop Report. I just found this out myself. Not sure when they added it but I think it was sometime recent.

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