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Thread: What do you think?

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    What do you think?

    Cant find any selling. What do you think a

    06 Playoff Prestiage Reggie Bush BGS 9.5


    06 Playoff Prestiage Matt Leinart BGS 9.5

    would sell for. thanks.

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    $40 - $50 for the bush

    $25 - $30 for the leinart

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    actually it looks like i may have overestimated!! here is the last graded card i could find (PSA 10) and that sold for less than $20 dlvd!!!

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    i figured at first on the leinart but the upper deck leinart that is a 9.5 has been selling for 18 dollars. that card cant book for more then $3.00

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    wow. since that card books for 20.00 im suprised it didnt sell for more. what about a bgs 9.5. think a bit more.

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    i bgs 9.5 is the same as a psa 10....and beckett isnt much more popular than psa, so i would say no.....and a base leinart ud rookie is an SP and will book much more than $10

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