Hi All,

I have a ton of team sets (which include of 70 different cards each set) available. All different years, all different players.

All I ask in return is WHATEVER you have of the following players. Wether it be 1 or 10 cards!

Players I am after are:
Jeff Williams (Dodgers)
Michael Collins (Angels)
Ben Risinger (Padres)
Micheal Nakamura (Twins)
John Hattig (Blue Jays)
Peter Moylan (Braves)
Brad Thomas (Twins)
Chris Snelling (Mariners)
PJ Bevis (Mets, Rockies, Diamondbacks)
Brett Roneberg (Marlins)
Craig Anderson (Mariners)
Adrian Burnside (Pirates)
Ryan Rowland-Smith (Mariners)
Luke Prokopec (Dodgers)
Adam Morrissey (A's)
Chris Oxspring (Padres)
Craig Shipley (Padres)
Damian Moss (Giants, Braves, Devil Rays)
Dave Nilsson (Brewers)
Glenn Williams (Braves)
Graeme Lloyd (Brewers, Expos, Yankees, Blue Jays)
Grant Balfour (Twins)
Justin Huber (Royals, Mets)
Travis Blackley (Mariners)
Trent Durrington (Angels)
Trent Oeltjen (Twins)
John Stephens (O's)
Phil Stockman (Braves, Diamondbacks)
Luke Hughes (Twins)
Bradley Harman (Phillies)
Scott Mitchinson (Phillies)

Remember, I'll take ANYTHING you have for a whole team set! Also chasing Andrew Bogut basketball

Basketball also available!