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    Mike Bell Threads RC Auto #d/100 FT

    Pulled this last week...lmk if you're interested. I'm looking for an auto in return, nobody in particular, but would like to do 1 for 1 deal.

    No BV on this one yet, but is selling for about $45 currently.


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    atrain - only stuff I see is above and beyond the Bell or NFT (Eli, Ronnie, Cutler, Payton, etc. ...thx anyways...your stuff is too nice! lol

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    Galaxy - I like the Santonio Holmes, but your BV is probably going to beat mine out on that one...lmk if I have anything else you're interested in...I only collect FBall though..thx

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    thats cool man love to get it just shaky on him still he could go either way right now

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    Yeah, I'm about the same way as far as trading/selling it...part of me wants to move it and part of me wants to hold on so I don't regret it.

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