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Thread: Any Jason Avant autos?

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    Any Jason Avant autos?

    Preferably in Michigan uniform. I'd prefer to trade, but I'll buy if the price is right. I know they're usually pretty cheap on eBay, so if I buy, I'm looking to beat eBay prices.


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    interested in it. Do you know which version?
    check my site for it.


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    Ok, i definitely need it. LMK if you see anything on my site you need.
    I have a Willie Eyre 2006 Co-Signers Auto, for starters. MIght have more Twins and Vikings, thats all i can think of off the top of my head.

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    I would be interested in that. Also the Hrbek autograph and the Morneau bat card. Would you be willing to part with any of them? I realize not all three for this card, but would be very interested in the Hrbek and Morneau, too.

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    I forgot those. The Morneau is pending at the moment. The Hrbek books for $25, since its teh silver parallel... did you have any othe rautos of these people:
    Sinorice Moss
    Amani Toomer
    Paul LoDuca
    Vlad Guerrero
    any Mets?

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    No, I don't. Would you trade it straight up for the Willie Eyre auto?

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    Yes, I would. Would you mind sending first, since you're new to the site?
    I can post it if youd like, and Ill send as soon as I get the Avant.


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    That is fine. I'll let you post the trade and I will get the card out tomorrow. Would you please leave feedback when card arrives. I have made several trades but nobody is posting feedback for me. I have a ton of positive feedback on Ebay so you can be assured that I am a safe trade. Thanks again. Go Twins!!

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