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Thread: I dont get this??

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    what really gets me is the bush that books for 8 dollars more normally was graded a psa 10 and only got 15 bucks.

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    Grading is expensive. Is it really worth the trouble?

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    It will cost me 8 bucks total to get it graded. if its selling for $20.00 then yeah???

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    Oh, i thought grading was more like 15 bucks per card. I didn't know.

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    No its 8 dollars a card for the cheapest and even less if you send in over 20 cards.

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    I haven't ever gotten any cards graded.
    I have a lot of Reggie Bush base cards from this year... but i don't know if I'd want to send 20 of them in for 160 bucks to get graded.

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    yeah but if they are nice say even half of them come back 9's and above you made your money back definately.

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    True. I'm not selling any of my Bush cards though.

    Right now I have 30 different Bush cards. Some are base, some insert... and I've got two in the mail.

    I'm working my way up to the #d RCs and AUTO/GU

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    any you would consider selling let me know. I just got my second prestiage today at the shop for a steal of $10.00. I have:

    2 prestiage
    1 press pass
    2 topps
    2 score.

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