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Thread: Bubba Crosby Thread Vol. 2

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    Bubba Crosby Thread Vol. 2

    Well, the other thread was getting too jumbled at 6 pages so I have to make a fresh one.

    Basically I am looking for any Bubba Crosby card you have. At first I thought no one was going to have any, but immediately I found two traders with his auto cards and I purchased a few of his cards on ebay. With only 144 cards (and many of those being printing plates) he is not the easiest player to collect, but have jumped out to a good start. I recently bought his 99 Bowman Chrome rookie on ebay and earlier today his 99 Topps rookie. I am also currently bidding on his Just Minors Auto Rookie and have made 2 trades (1 technically not finished yet but pretty much) for 2 more of his autographed cards.

    So I was suprised that in about the first hour I found two people, but since then it has been slow. So, any base, insert, rookie, auto, game used, or printing plate you have I need. WIll buy or trade!

    And for those who may think I have made a mistake saying Bubba instead of Bobby Crosby, yes, there is a Bubba too and he is on the Yanks (was recently DFA). This is a post I made about him in the old thread (Didn't know about the single post feature)
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    Ok, it has been 4 days, I will give this thread one last push.

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