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    Looking For.....

    I'm looking for a few select cards; Babe Ruth gu, Derek Jeter autos, Roger Clemens autos in an Astros uni, and Jeff Bagwell autos. Here's what I have to trade:

    2003 Donruss Elite All-Time *Career Best* Mike Schmidt jacket 41/48 bv 80
    2003 Topps Tribute WS Edition Memorable Matchups Mike Schmidt/Cal Ripken Jr 33/83 dual-jsy bv 150
    2001 Topps Tribute Roger Maris bat bv 50
    2004 Leaf Limited Monikers Nolan Ryan jsy/auto 17/100 bv 120
    2005 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks Robin Yount bat/auto 23/25 bv 60
    2006 Topps Triple Threads Craig Hansen rc jsy/jsy/auto 6/125 bv 100
    2005 Sweet Spot Signatures Bat Barrel Jason Bay auto 10/10 bv 125
    2006 Bowman Chrome Kendry Morales Orange Refractor auto 12/25
    04-05 Hot Prospects Autographed Future Swatch Ben Gordon jsy/auto 247/350 bv 250
    03-04 Sweet Shot Signature Shots Carmelo Anthony rc auto bv 200
    72-73 Icee Bear Wilt Chamberlain NM-MT 8 bv 70
    72-73 Icee Bear Kareem Abdul-Jabbar NM-MT 8 bv 50
    76-77 Topps Moses Malone NM-MT 8 bv 40
    2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Star Gazing Kevin Jones jsy-prime 4/10 (oversized 4-colors)
    2003 Topps Finest Bryon Leftwich rc auto 111/199 bv 120

    Scans of all cards are on my trade page.

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    I have a Ruth patch (non-GU), but one of the corners is screwed up. LMK if your interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReyOrdonezforLife
    I have a Ruth patch (non-GU), but one of the corners is screwed up. LMK if your interested.
    Sorry, not interested if one of the corners is bad.

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