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    Selling! Nice Basketball Autos..Ike Diogu Collection FS as well

    All is FS on that site, including the Diogu collection. I dont want any basketball any more. Will sell at fair prices. PLMK, Paypal ONLY.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    hey jared, how much for these
    Ike Diogu Sweet Shot acetate auto
    Ike Diogu Acetate auto
    Debut Ink auto
    Reflections red auto
    Sp game-used rc?

    please let me know ur lowest prices--thanks

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    Justin-Some of these, I havent seen end


    Would prefer to sell as a lot. Remember, havent seen mosto ft hese end recently..

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    how much for lot? and if you want baseball I have a ryan harvey 2003 bowman rc auto and a alfonso soriano 2 colored jsy stripe that I would trade for one of he autos.

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    Is the Harvey chrome? If so, I could def. use that. I actually stayed at the same hotel he did once, and we talked and become friendly. He got us into a Game free, and signed for us. Nice guy, so let me know if it is chrome..and for the lot I need 50 even. PLMK

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    Jared--its not chrome its the signs of the future auto. Dont need it or want it. I would trade the card plus the soriano jsy. Please let me know if interested.

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    No need for the Harvey or Soriano. PLMK if buying. Really need some paypal.

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