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Thread: WTTF Jason Campbell

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    WTTF Jason Campbell

    I'm looking for GU'ed, higher end RC's and REALLY need an AUTO !!!

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    I could use it, I also like the LenDale if you want to try and work out something for that also. Thanks for the reply !

    Jason Cambell throwback threads jersey
    lendale white sage auto #ed

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    what do u have for autos and gu ud trade for it.isold lendale sorry.
    also u want to buy it?lmk thnaks

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    Everything I have right now is listed on my tradepage. I really can't buy right now. Sorry, but please check out my site and LMK if there is anything you can use for the Campbell.

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    OK, anyone else. I still need some Campbells

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    Quote Originally Posted by bilsd1818
    05 Sage auto #A8 of Jason Campbell #449/600

    I am interested in it, what would you want in return for it ?

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    05 Brown, Reggie Abs. Mem. RPM /750 BALL/JSY
    03 Burleson, Nate Honors Rookie Gems /700 JSY
    05 Frye, Charlie Absolute Memorabilia JSY
    like any of these anything matchs up bv wise

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