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    What Should I Collect, What Do You Collect??

    im new to collecting sports cards, but i started to collect football cards only!! what do ppl collect tho??? the sets im looking at are the topps chrome set 2001-2006, and the sp authentic 2000 rookie card set... they are attractive. i dont know what else to collect, are the topps chrome set any good?? :icon_eek: do ppl collect sets?? or just players, and what players are good? im looking at chris chambers, javon walker, terrell owens, mike vick, tom brady, L.T., faulk, ashley lelie, reggie bush (maybe), and i dont know. wat i wanna know is what do ppl usually collect and throw out some things that you collect, thxs.:icon_roll

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    People collect tons of different players, from Makr Brunell to Jeremy Bonderman. People also collect sets, and the Topps Chrome are good sets to collect because most cards can be had for a decent price. You shouldn't base what you collect off of other people's decisions, though, as your collection should consist of what makes you happy.

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    My PC consists of:
    Roger Staubach, Hakeem Olajuwon, Other Cowboys & Football that I like.
    Lately (in my old age) I feel myself drawn to older (especially graded) football
    cards from players active throughout my childhood and younger years.
    My son's PC is:
    San Antonio Spurs

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    Just find a player that you enjoy watching and start collecting their cards. I've been a fan of Marion Barbers since he played here for the Gophers so I collect his cards.

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    Not much to say but collect the player or sets that you like. That's what will make it fun. If you like the Chrome sets, collect them. If you like Chris Chambers, collect him. He's one guy I haven't noticed anyone else here has a huge collection of.

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    Always go for what you like. If you like Chambers, go for every Chambers card you can get your hands on. I just got my friend back into it and he is all about Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins...
    Topps Chrome happens to be nice product. This year, the stuff is pretty coveted because the boxes are fairly priced and yield 8 or 9 rookies and a RC AUTO, which is always awesome to pull.

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    TeRRaPiNs56- first of all welcome to a great site with plenty of great members who will help you get your hands on whomever you decide to go after!!! That being said, if your are getting into collecting strictly for fun and not to make money or whatever, surely go with YOUR favorite player(s) and teams. There is nothing wrong with picking up some tradebait along the way as you will see if your luck is like mine you won't always pull your favorites from packs! LOL, or maybe I just have bad luck, either way, just start a small collection,make some trades with the guys on here for stuff you like....and collect who you like and you will enjoy your collection more than if you try to keep up with other peoples interest, and thats just my opinion but I hope it helps a little

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    do you find it easy to make money with this hobby? If so, do you have any tips. I've been collecting for about 15 years but only very seriously in the past 3 to 5 years. I have a lot of product, but nothing super-premium. I also haven't had any amazing pulls worthy of Ebaying... But I enjoy collecting base card rookies of my favorite players... Ok, I'm rambling. I revert to my question.

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    good advice guys, i will be looking to buy players and sets that i like, who's trying to make money from this? im just trying to collect for fun. if you're trying to make money howabout you get a job. i've seen some cards bomb [loose a lot of value in 2-3 years, like the UD griffey, last i saw that, it was like 300 a card, but now you be lucky to get half that] it's those ppl that make the value go up so much, speculations, they drive up the price bc they buy it all up but in actuality its a false value. those kind of ppl just need to get a job.

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    I agree.
    I have my job to pay for cards. LoL!
    I'm all about the 06 draft class and Reggie Bush.

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