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    Photobucket Updated!!!9/1 Sale Items Section Look!!!!!!!!!

    Photobucket Updated!!!9/1 Sale Items Section Look!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kronozio
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    Hey, Im trying to send you a PM, but it says your inbox is too full. It says you can't recieve anymore PMs, so, do you think you could $7 DLVD? I also don't need #195 from the list.
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    Geoff--Hi, I can do that can you set up trade thanks

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    I really like that ryan auto...Is it possible you can switch our current trade and give me that instead of the mccutchen, grimes, and gibson?? LMK if nto I know its a little bit of a stretch....NICE cards though!!!

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    I can't seem to find your full address in the trade manager. Do you think you could send me a PM with your full address so I can send out the money.

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