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Thread: Take A Look At This Card!

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    Take A Look At This Card!

    I bought a retail box of 12 packs off ebay of 1998 fleer skybox metal universe for 14 dollars hoping to get a couple moss or mannings rcs. i didnt get a manning rc but i did get the rarest insert possible! a terrel davis decided edge insert. here are the odds of getting inserts:

    planet football insert (1:8 packs)
    quasars insert (1:20 packs)
    titanium (1:96 packs)
    Autographics (1:68 packs)
    EX-2001 Preview (1:144 packs)
    Decided Edge (1:288 packs)

    would like to hear some input on this card. like the value of it. this is probably one of the coolest looking cards i have seen.

    scans of it are on my photobucket:

  2. Kronozio
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    Nice pull. Looks like a pre era Topps Printing Plate. Maybe Skybox was ahead of the game all along. Congrats.

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    very sweet looking card. If you are looking to move it (i doubt it) I'll gladly take it off your hands
    lol. Great pull man.

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    jraba: is that the bv?
    if not, can anyone give me an idea of bv?

    thanks for the replies guys.

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    Well TD isnt really as good as say Favre, Marino, or Elway with BV's of $50. If he gets in the Hall though, it would go up some.

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