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Thread: Need These Autos..............

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    Need These Autos..............

    I Am Looking For Any Autos of Former Florida State Players In Theier College Uniforms......

    Let Me Know What You Have

    Here's a player list:

    Anquan Boldin
    Antonio Cromartie
    Bobby Bowden
    Brett Williams
    Brian Allen
    Brodrrick Bunkley
    Chraphonso Thorpe
    Chris Rix
    Chris Weinke
    Corey Simon
    Darnell Dockett
    Ernie Sims
    Greg Jones
    Jamal Reynolds
    Javon Walker
    Leon Washington
    Lavernous Coles
    Marvin "Snoop" Minnis
    Michael Boulware
    P.K. Sam
    Pat Watkins
    Peter Warrick
    Ron Dugans
    Sebastian Janikowski
    Talmon Gardner
    Tommy Polley
    Travis Minor


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    :new_shock I have a 01 playoff Honors Hidden gems auto/jsy of Snoop Minnis. bv is 30.00 what nice Chiefs autos do you have for this? I may have other Minnis autos, i'll have to check.. lmk, thx!

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    Ernie Sims 05 Sage hit silver auto bv 25.. looking for a comparable auto

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    Leon Washington (auto) 06 Topps DPP Class Marks #CM-LW bv$15

    I have that one. Looking to sell it for $4 shipped.

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    KC fan- See if you have any others....I would love a Press pass or sage

    Nezar- I dont have to many Autos....would you sell

    Nick- PM sent

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    :icon_redf sorry that's the only one i have, and he's in a chiefs uniform, it's also #'d

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    KC- Thanks man for posting.....Im just looking for autos in their FSU uniforms right now.......

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    I have coles 00 private stock private signings and 03 gardner topps all american. lmk if interested. TW

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