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Thread: 1999 Topps Football for trade

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    1999 Topps Football for trade

    This morning I found a box of 1999 Topps Football I opened back in 1999 and I put the card right back in the box. I forgot all about it. If anyone needs any cards out of this set leave me a message either here or by PM.
    I collect baseball cards I need current Pittsburgh Pirates players also collect cards of
    Pete Rose
    Dan Marino
    Barry Bonds
    Willie Stargell
    Bill Virdon
    Bill Mazeroski

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    hey i still have those cards of mine you wanted, but I AM LOOKING FOR ALL ROOKIES FROM 1999 Football PLMK

    also i tried to send u a pm but ur box is full

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    I need any and A:: Rc's from 1999 Topps, LMK. Check my site and PM me
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    I don't have a PC - Everything in my bucket is potentially for trade
    I don't ACCEPT or SEND Gift Payments - Thanks

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    u probably have too many you sent out, go to your sent items and delted those, it will prolly work. what 1999 football rookies do u got??

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    Thanks for the help on the PM that was the problem I forgot all about the sent messages.
    The only decent rookie I have is a Jevon Kearse from this box. If you want to trade I can use cards of Oliver Perez or Freddy Sanchez.
    My PM is now working if you want to PM me.

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