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    Anyone have interest in Jordan base/inserts?

    I have some that Ive posted on before, and no one has been interested, so I thought Id ask if anyone would be interested in a list. I dont do basketball, so I would sell cheap, or would trade for football. Thanks
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    can you list what you have? I dont collect football but I have a few cards. dont know if they're any good...

    Kay Jay Harris 05 Pristine Auto
    Matt Jones 05 Ultra rookie
    Jake Plummer 97 Topps Gallery (RC I believe)
    Kurt Warner/Marshall Faulk/Isaac Bruce 01 Prism Atomic - Team Nucleaus
    Jevon Kearse 05 Donruss Leaf Materials GU #ed /175
    Brian St Pierre 03 Playoff Hogg Heaven GU Football #ed /250 (White on corners)

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    1998-99 Topps Gold Label Class 1
    2004-05 Trilogy
    2003-04 SPX
    2003-04 UD MVP Monumental Moment
    2003-04 UD MVP A Tribute to Greatness
    2001-02 Hardcourt
    2003 UD Superstars Magic Moment- have 2
    2003-04 UD Standing O
    2002-03 UD Inspirations
    2002-03 Topps
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