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Thread: busted 9 packs

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    busted 9 packs

    i busted 4 packs of 04-05 fleer tradition heres what i got:

    lebron james hardcourt tributes
    jason richardson hardcourt tributes
    ron artest
    chris bosh
    tracy mcgrady
    kobe bryant
    and a bunch of other commons

    4 packs of 94-95 skybox emotion

    grant hill rc
    grant hill xcited rc
    anfernee hardaway
    scottie pippen
    scottie pippen masters
    glenn robinson rc
    david robinson masters
    eddie jones rc

    1 pack of 05-06 finest

    christine brinkley silver xfractor #/ed to 199

    all up for trade if you needn any specific for a set let me know the numbers

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    I can use this:

    christine brinkley silver xfractor #/ed to 199

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