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Thread: Bills Win!

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    Bills Win!

    Man 31-00. That's pretty embarrassing for the Pats....Especially after they made an ™™™ of themselves after releasing Milloy. Bledsoe did great and so did Spikes. Their offensive line and pretty much their whole offense was spectacular today.Who here thinks they can win the AFC or even the Super Bowl?I think they have the AFC Beat!

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    im not a pats fan anymore......that was sooo embarrising....i may get on the bills jk

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    I actually thought before the year started that the Bills would win the division. They have built up a pretty good team during the off season. This is coming from a Steeler fan.

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    Every year for the past 9 years I thought the bills would go to the super bowl!!LOL

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    Great Game! I have been a Bills fan ever since Drew joined the team!

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    I'ver been a bills fan my whole life, and this is HUGE!!!

    Spikes is AWSOME!!

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    I've always loved the Bills...My parents and relatives were Cowboys fans but I couldn't stand them. They're uniforms are terrible and the Bills play an hour from me. Great game! Can't wait till next week.

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