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Thread: Garrett Wolfe in the NFL???

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    Garrett Wolfe in the NFL???

    Garrett Wolfe is the starting running back for Northern Illinois University, which got pounded by Ohio State a couple hours earlier. He had 163 yards rushing and 117 yards recieving. He was second in the nation in total rushing yards last season. He is 5' 7 and 175lbs. Do you think there is a place in the NFL for Garrett Wolfe??

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    he will get drafted but we wont know how good he is until he gets there. i watched the game, he is pretty damn good. quick feet, great balance, and has the knack to make people miss.

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    Hes that small? wow wouldnt know by the way he plays. He is a great back though and maybe if he got up to around 200 he couldget some looks

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    i watched him last year in the bowl game NI played in and he's a stud. He's quick, fast, strong, and bursts through the holes. I would say some NFL team has to at least take a chance on him. The only drawback is his size. NFL linebackers/linemen are faster, quicker, and hit a heckuva lot harder than just about every college defender. If he makes to the prime time he would always be at risk for injuries.

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