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Thread: How about those Bills!

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    How about those Bills!

    I want to start off by saying I am a huge Bills fan. I was pumped up all week for this game. I knew they had a good chance with all the additions they made, but 31-0! Who knew. Their defense looks pretty solid as well as their offense. Travis Henry also looks to be in great shape this season. I think the Bills have a pretty good chance at making the Super Bowl this year!

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    it sucks the pats rule i couldnt believe it they need to get lawyer back.But i have to give the bills some credit they played a hell of a game they have an awsome d now i thought they would suck this year

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    That was a really stupid move getting rid of Lawyer but they had to do it, unfortunately for Pats fans.


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    Yeah I'm a bills fan as well!! I sat there screaming at the tv alot when they made those stupid penaties. But it was a great game both offensively and definsively. I made a post saying the same exact thing earlier in the pro sports forum.

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    I use to be a Patriots fan until how they treated Drew Bledsoe. They didn't even give him a chance to fight for his job back. But when they needed him in the playoffs, he was there for them! I lost total respect for the team then! I am extremely happy that he and Lawyer are Bills now. Not keeping those two players will come back to haunt them the Patriots in future!

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    I'm a Bills fan also.I couldn't watch the game but I was checking updates.
    I knew it was over at halftime. 21-0

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    I pretty much knew it was over at half time also. I just kept watching and rooting for a shutout and my wish came true!

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    I didn't watch the game (wasn't on in my area West Coast)...

    but I am sure the Bills couldn't have ask for anything better

    esp. the ex-Patriots Bledsoe, Milloy, etc.

    wow, total shut out!!

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    You missed a great game then podstock. The best part had to have been when Sam Adams intercepted a pass from Brady and returned it for a 37 yard TD run. Did I forget to mention that Adams is well over 360 pounds!! What a sight it was to see him beat out the Patriots following him!

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