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Thread: how much this card worth

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    how much this card worth

    Alex Smith 2005 Exquisite SUPER Jersey 15/30!! RC
    please tell me how much this card is worth. thanks in advance

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    $72, and just so you know is not considered a RC

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    Those packs are so expensive. I don't know if I could handle it if each card wasn't worth at least 200 or something. I want to buy one, but don't think I could deal with potential dissapointment.

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    yeah, just buy the singles that you want. It's a great product, but the guys busting boxes are more than not getting killed. I've seen some box breaks posted and guys have no hopes of even getting close to their $900-$1000 back.

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    Lol, yeah, busting a box is VERY tempting, but there would be a huge cash loss per box. Anyway, I do agree that they are good cards, and some quality singles can be had for great prices.

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